A garment with a heart to change lives for women!

Beautiful Disregard Tee’s are made by a unique company which employs women in Kolkata, India who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution. These women were offered an alternative – a way to find freedom. They have learned new skills and now earn a respectable, shame-free living making tee’s for you!

100% organic cotton

Beautiful Disregard Tee’s are made from 100% organic cotton. This means they not only feel good on your skin but they are also free of toxins and pesticides. Organic cotton – it’s better for the Earth, better for the farmers growing it and better for you!

A garment with a heart to love women

Every purchase is freeing women from sex trafficking, slavery and/or prostitution!

When you join the Beautiful Disregard vision; you are investing in seeing women set free!

Beautiful Disregard Tee’s are manufactured in fair trade conditions. All workers are
paid fair wages and have healthy working conditions. And the most important thing of all – each
Tee is sewn by a talented seamstress (taken off the street’s) and represents another
step on their journey to freedom. By wearing a Beautiful Disregard Tee; you can feel assured
that you’ve done a little to help the earth, support small-scale farmers, and empowered
women to leave the sex trade—all in a T-shirt!

Our Designs

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