Charity Launch

If you have been on this Beautiful Disregard journey with us over the past 5 years, you will know it’s been HUGE!

With your support, we have gone from being health professionals in the medical industry, into launching a clothing line that frees women from human trafficking!

Over these years, we have had to “step out of the boat” and it honestly has been exhilarating. We have learnt that IDENTITY is not in “what you do” but in “who you are” and that when you are “walking in your calling”; life becomes beautiful.

Over these years our small family business, has designed and launched ethically made clothing, added soy candles to our range, created outstanding women’s events to support community, and taken opportunities all over Australia, Japan and India to make a difference by “PAYING IT FORWARD”.

The “pay it forward” process, has changed the lives of hundreds of females living in Australia and the tears which have been shed with countess young ladies, has been priceless!

So please know that as the founders of Beautiful Disregard; we are so grateful for those who have shared a post, “paid” it forward, designed a Tee, ordered a T- shirt, made a donation, helped with tagging and packaging, purchased a candle, worn one of our signature T- shirts, invited Shireen to speak at an event, shared a business card, sponsored our vision or even simply given us a hug to encourage us along the way.

None of this would have been made possible without YOU, and because of YOU we have some BIG NEWS……We have decided to launch a NOT FOR PROFIT CHARITY – Called Beautiful Disregard Movement.

Our heart is to continue to speak into the space of “IDENTITY”, but do it in a unique and beautiful way.

BIG things are ahead for us all and we believe that as we UNITE in heart and soul; lives can be changed for the young people of Australia!

See to find out more or donate to our NFP Charity in your own time via direct debit (all bank details featured on our website). All donations are humbly appreciated.