Our Values

Beautiful Disregard is an Australian company designed to inspire women on their true worth. The company is built on a foundation of integrity, excellence, and a commitment to detail. The integrity is based on following what is right, not necessarily what is expedient in business. All business decisions made at Beautiful Disregard are based on righteousness, truth, and honesty.

The team are faith filled believers and this means they are who they say they are. Many items are biblically referenced, based on words of truth, and designed to empower women on their self-worth! Excellence is a major focus at Beautiful Disregard and begins from design and service, through to packaging and delivery.

The focus at Beautiful Disregard is to ensure every item is uniquely designed, manufactured, and personalised to suite the individual regardless of age, shape, or size.

“We hope that you LOVE wearing our tee’s because we think YOU are BEAUTIFUL”.

Our Mission

  • We can together impact the world.
  • To enable woman of all ages, shapes, and sizes to know they were created uniquely to be just the way they are.
  • To be based on truth (opposed to feel good slogans) and to have this truth impact lives.
  • To establish ethically produced garments in a world that bases so much on appearances.
  • To grow the label to benefit the world.
  • To give HOPE.