If you want to become part of the solution, why not Pay it Forward.

Beautiful Disregard has a vision to positively impact women of all ages and backgrounds (through our ethically made Tees).

You have the option to Pay It Forward in Australia and to do this you simply order and pay online, attach your Beautiful message (or we can attach a message for you) and we will do the rest. Can you imagine, opening a gift from someone you don’t know and feeling overwhelmed by Love!

If you would prefer to Pay It Forward on an International level; Stephen and Shireen O’Brien are constantly looking at impacting on nations and they would love to hear from you.


After less than 12 months of launching their label the couple travelled to Japan (at their own expense), with a desire to ‘Pay it Forward’ in seeds of hope. With three organisations sharing their vision, they embarked on a two week journey loaded with a range of ethically made Tees; all beautifully boxed in a theme of LOVE.

The couple departed Australia on the 18th May 2018, with Shireen O’Brien choosing to start the gifting of Tees on her Birthday (the 20th May 2018). She says “there is no better way to receive than by giving”.

As the incidence of Depression in Japan is high, the couple’s message was simple; to allow female’s living in Japan to know that they are beautiful and that the women of Australia had purchased their Tee and wanted to gift them.

On many days Stephen and Shireen found themselves carrying the boxed Tees for hours, until they felt they had found the right person to receive. They had beautiful pink cards printed in Japanese, to allow the recipient to understand their message and also used Google Translate; as the language barrier was a huge obstacle!

The Tees were handed out between Shibuya, Fukouka, Osaka, Nagoya, Shizouka and Tokyo and the girls of Japan were amazed by the heart of LOVE and kindness from Australian women. Often the couple handed the Tees out in the subway, in the streets, outside shops and in even in taverns. There was nothing to stop this message of hope!

Many recipients were beside themselves seeing the couple ‘Pay it Forward’ and then expect nothing in return (as they simply walked away). Stephen says that his heart was that each recipient would receive a message that they were BEAUTIFUL just the way they are!
The couple say that their trip to Japan was an absolute privilege; as they were able to ‘Pay it Forward’ in ethically made Tees (freeing women from slavery) on behalf of CAIRNS.


The couple would like to thank each and every supporter of Beautiful Disregard and make special mention to AMATO Design for investing into the lives of others!!

As Australia is the home of this dynamic couple, they absolutely love ‘Paying it Forward’ on the city streets. This vision to ‘Pay it Forward’ to Aussie’s comes from the belief that “if we all were to consider each other greater than ourselves then our community would be a much better place” says Shireen. To date, the couple have ‘Paid it Forward’ in Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, Liverpool, Darling Harbour, Airlie Beach, Mackay, Gold Coast and Brisbane (just to name a few).

This is what “paying it forward” is all about!

If this is something that you or your organization is interested in in future, then Beautiful Disregard would like to hear from you; as they would offer promotion of your service in return for your giving. This may be a very powerful marketing tool, if you would like to be seen as having a heart for the women of the world or Cairns!

Please email us on contact@faith4bd.com should you wish to further discuss this opportunity.