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There are many ways you can help us to empower the wellbeing of others. You can buy one of our signature Tees online now and wear it boldly, knowing your purchase has enabled a woman to step out from slavery.

Alternatively, you can gift a friend or family member and we will post it to their home with a personalised message attached just from you. If you are wanting to ‘Pay it Forward’ to a person whom you don’t know, we can take all the guess work out of giving and we will advise you when your ethically made Tee has been gifted (often we also send you pictures of the beautiful moment shared). However, if your heart is telling you to donate to Beautiful Disregard, you will enable us to grow our brand and impact the lives of women universally.

You would be assisting us to:

  • Design and order more ethically made Tee’s (which free women from human trafficking).
  • Allow Tee’s to be given out freely to women in need of encouragement on their true worth (often this is done out on the streets of Australia).
  • Facilitate our ability to impact women via educational conferences (which is a long-term vision of ours).
  • Assist us to expand our impact on youth who are suffering from identity issues.

Together we can provide the love, kindness, truth, and compassion which this world so desperately needs!

For those wanting to donate now, please make a direct Bank Deposit using the details shown on the checkout page. When donating this way please use your name and the word “donation” or your organisation as the reference code.

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